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Shaun Smith Comes to the Tennessee Titans with a Reputation

Smith will arrive with a reputation. He reportedly punched Brady Quinn in the face while with the Browns in 08 and clashed w coaches #titansless than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

Is that really a big deal? Who amongst us hasn't wanted to punch Brady Quinn in the face? I actually think he should be rewarded for that.

I am good with my defensive lineman having a little bit of a nasty streak.  It is necessary for a guy to be effective in the trenches. 

If he does clash with coaches here, it will be interesting to see how Mike Munchak handles it.  We knew what to expect from Jeff Fisher when clashes happened.  He would say there was nothing to it publicly and punish behind closed doors if he thought it was necessary like he did to Jevon Kearse back in 2009 while still saying there was no punishment.

I see Munchak dealing much the same way publicly, but I expect it to be clear when he has disciplined a player.  He won't play the same mind games that Fisher did.