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Your Last VY Friday : Top Vince Young Moments

Vince Young was cut yesterday by the Tennessee Titans and is expected to sign a 1-year deal with the Phiadelphia Eagles today. So much for "Can't nobody tell me nothin." He made you happy, he made you angry, he made you laugh, maybe he even made you cry. It's time to say goodbye. Here are my favourite Vince Young Titans moments.

Happy VY Friday everyone! 

Madden Cover

Shortly after  Vince Young's rookie season, he earned the honor of being on the cover of Madden NFL 2008. He was the first rookie to be placed on the cover in the video game's history. Young's "Madden Curse" came in Week 6, when he suffered a quadriceps injury. It was the first time in his football career he ever missed a game.


When Vince Young was drafted on April 29, 2006, many Titans fans were filled with elation. With quarterback Steve McNair aging, the Titans and their fans thought they had their quarterback for the future. Bud Adams proudly proclaimed "VY is my guy." VY was thrust into action earlier than expected, as Kerry Collins began the season unadmirably. Young flourished in his rookie season, leading to...

Rookie of the Year

In 2007 Vince Young became the third Titan/Oiler to ever become rookie of the year, after Earl Campbell and Eddie George. Vince was only the second quarterback to ever win the award. A few years later, VY said that he considered retiring after his rookie season.

Carrying the team after 0-6

It took 6 straight losses, a 59 point loss, and a plea from the owner to make a switch at quarterback, but the switch worked. Vince Young dazzled audiences once he was given back the position, and he led the Titans within one win of playoffs. After the season, he played in the Pro Bowl after almost every other quarterback turned it down.

21 point comeback

The Titans were completely dominated for three quarters as they trailed 21-0 heading to the fourth quarter. This was no big deal for rookie VY, who lead his team to the largest fourth quarter comeback in NFL history. VY scored three touchdowns in the final quarter as the Titans scored 24 unanswered points to stun the Giants. That game is probably one of my favorite Titans games ever. 

Running for an OT TD in Houston

Houston passed Vince Young and took Mario Williams as the first overall pick in 2006. There were probably as many VY jerseys as Texans jerseys in the crowd at Reliant Stadium as Vince Young scrambled 40 yards to win the game in his hometown. I doubt Bud Adams has ever been much happier than he was on this day. "This is my house," I remember him yelling as he walked off the field. VY has still never lost a game at Reliant Stadium.

Music City March

Down three points in a back and forth game, the Cardinals pinned the Titans at their own one yard line with less than three minutes to go. Vince Young then put on a showcase for a textbook two minute drill. I will never forget that last minute touchdown from Vince Young to Kenny Britt. Just watch.