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The Ten Most Important Tennessee Titans in 2011: #1 RB Chris Johnson

Kenny Britt is extremely important to the Tennessee Titans offense, but there is no question that the offense goes through Chris Johnson.  Of course the offense can't go through him if he doesn't show up, and to this point he hasn't given any indication that he plans on showing up before the Titans give him a new contract.  To this point the Titans haven't given any indication that they plan on giving him a new contract.  I have heard that they haven't talked, and that they plan on calling his bluff about holding out.  That is not a good idea.

But we aren't going to spend this whole post dwelling on that stuff because it just too depressing.  I am excited to see what a new coaching staff does with CJ.  Chris Palmer has already said that he wants to be a screen team, something the Titans have never been before, and Johnson will be deadly catching the ball with a couple of offensive lineman out in front of him.

The Titans actually have an offense that has some potential to put up some points, but that requires Matt Hasselbeck to stay healthy, Britt to stay out of trouble, and most importantly, CJ to report for action.