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Michael Lombardi On Vince Young: He Doesn't Deserve the Initials VY

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Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network just became my favorite analyst in all of professional football. He was so upset by the things that Jamie Dukes was saying about how Vince Young has matured that he started talking not realizing his microphone was on. He went on to say that Young hasn't done enough to just be known by initials.

He goes through a series of events from that weird Dolphins game last year when VY practiced all week until Friday, Kerry Collins started and got hurt, and Vince came in and didn't look hurt at all. Lombardi said that Young told the team to "let Kerry have it" when they told him it was time to warm up, and that he didn't travel back with the team instead going to South Beach on his own.

If those stories are true, and Lombardi has no reason to lie, you people who think Jeff Fisher had it in for Young should re-evaluate that position. None of this stuff was ever made public by Fisher.

Watch the full video here.