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Tennessee Titans Officially Release QB Vince Young

The Tennessee Titans have officially cut ties with QB Vince Young. This obviously isn't a surprise since the Titans announced it back in January. I will say it again- I think that VY has the ability to be a good NFL quarterback as soon as he decides that he wants to do what it takes to be one. He would be a perennial Pro Bowler if he had Rusty Smith's desire.

It is going to be interesting to see where Vince goes from here. The thinking for a long time was that he would end up in Miami, but if they Dolphins are able to make a trade for Kyle Orton that isn't likely. It is hard to see anywhere that he is a really good fit outside of that. I guess the Broncos might have a spot for him if they trade Orton. He could go there and push Tebow for the #1 job.

The NFL Network guys also suggested Oakland as a landing spot.

Wherever he ends up going he is going to have to earn a job. I am interested to see how he responds to that.