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How Much Money Will Tennessee Titans QB Jake Locker Get?

I can't even imagine how crazy things are in the Tennessee Titans front office right now, but you would have to think that one thing near the top of the list is getting Jake Locker signed before camp starts this weekend. The Cincinnati Bengals have already signed the #4 overall pick, A.J. Green, to a 4 year $19.6 million dollar contract. Cincy Jungle says that all of that money is guaranteed. The #7 pick for the San Francisco 49ers, Aldon Smith, has signed a 4-year deal worth $14.8 million according to Niners Nation.

As you can see, the money for these guys isn't anywhere close to the money that has been given to first round picks the last few years. That is good news on the Locker negotiation front because there won't be that much room to haggle so it should be easy to get a deal done fairly quickly.

Keep in mind that Matt Hasselbeck can't practice with team until the league year starts which isn't until August 4th. That means we could be looking at a Sunday night camp practice with Rusty Smith and Brett Ratliff as the only two QBs on the roster.