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2011 NFL Free Agency: Jason Babin Agrees to Terms with the Philadelphia Eagles

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Jay Glazer is reporting that Jason Babin has agreed to terms with the Philadelphia Eagles on a 5 year deal. It really isn't surprising that Babin would want to follow Jim Washburn up there after the impact that Wash made on his career. I had a feeling that is where Babin would end up, but I wasn't sure because he had already been there and it didn't go so well.

I am interested to see what the terms of the deal are whenever they are announced. Babin did have a great year last year and deserved to be paid, but my heart isn't broken that the Titans weren't the team to pony up for him. There is a lot of risk involved in signing a guy to a big contract based off of one season of production. Of course the risk isn't as big for the Eagles with Washburn in the fold.

[UPDATE]- Jim Wyatt just tweeted that Babin's deal is 5 years $28 million with $5-6 million guaranteed.  I am surprised it wasn't more than that.  Wyatt also said that the Titans never made an offer to Babin.

This starts the defensive end ball rolling for the Titans. They are a little short on numbers there, so they need at least re-sign either Jacob Ford or Dave Ball- maybe even both.


The Titans will also turn their attention more so to guys like Ray Edwards, who Jim Wyatt mentioned yesterday they had inquired about.