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Tennessee Titans Adding Matt Hasselbeck Great Move for Jake Locker

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Obviously adding Matt Hasselbeck makes the Tennessee Titans a better team in 2011, but the long-term success of the franchise is going to hinge on the success of Jake Locker as an NFL quarterback. The Tennessean writers, John Glennon and Jim Wyatt, caught up with Ron Jaworski and Jim Mora respectively and both guys said that Hasselbeck will be a great mentor for Locker.

Jaws told Glennon that the best thing Locker can do is learn as much as he can from Hasselbeck:
"If I’m Jake Locker, I just tag along whenever I can and follow Matt Hasselbeck and replicate what he’s doing, his wortk ethic, his study habits, how he takes notes, how he looks at tapes," Jaworski said. "You’re going to get coaches (teaching him), no question. But there’s nothing like having a guy who’s played the position and (seeing) the game through his eyes. I think it’s a huge advantage for (Locker)."

Mora told Wyatt that Hasselbeck will be a great mentor, but that Hasselbeck came to Tennessee to do more than be a mentor:

"Matt will help Jake, and he will do a great job of mentoring Jake," Mora said. "But he is not looking at this as: I am coming in here to keep the seat warm for Jake. He is going to try and win games and compete his butt off and that is a good thing for the Tennessee Titans. I’ll tell you what, the Titans just took their quarterback position and elevated it way up. And they didn’t just go up a level, they elevated it to the top floor."