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Tennessee Titans TE Jared Cook Named Football Outsiders #1 Prospect

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It turns out that Tennessee Titans fans aren't the only ones excited about Jared Cook. He is atop pretty much every TE sleeper fantasy football list you will find, and today Bill Barnwell and Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders named him the #1 prospect in all of the NFL under the age of 25 (In$ider).

I am starting to get a little bit scared of how high my expectations for Cook are this season. I have long believed that he is capable of so much more than the Jeff Fisher/Mike Heimerdinger administration ever let him do, but there was still a part of me that was afraid he would just end up being another Ben Troupe.

I trust the evaluation skills of the guys over at FO more than just about anybody else on the internet which means my expectations just went through the roof.

Comments from the FO guys after the jump.

They compared him to Jermichael Finley before this gem:
Over the final seven games of the season, Cook produced 26 catches for 303 yards and his first NFL touchdown, including a 96-yard game against the Chiefs in Week 16. And this was with Kerry Collins and Rusty Smith at quarterback. With a full year as the starter ahead of him in 2011, Cook should be an occasionally dominant receiver as the No. 2 option in Tennessee's passing offense, running past safeties worried about Chris Johnson. He could become a regular Pro Bowler, beginning as early as this season.