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The Ten Most Important Tennessee Titans in 2011: #2 WR Kenny Britt

The Tennessee Titans offense has the chance to be pretty good in 2011 with the signing of Matt Hasselbeck today, but in order to realize their potential they need to Kenny Britt to live up to his. We have had this conversation for a couple of years now, but if Britt just gets his head on straight he has the chance to be an elite receiver in this league. The problem is he hasn't gotten his head on straight yet.

I am hoping that being around a guy like Hasselbeck will be good for Britt, but at the end of the day it is Kenny's decision as to whether or not he is going to stay out of trouble.

We also still don't know how much, if any, time Britt will miss because of his transgressions this offseason. My guess is still that Mike Munchak gives him a game or two and Roger Goodell lets that be all.

This offense will only be as good as Kenny Britt is. That was proven last year when he was out with the hamstring injury.