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Wyatt: Tennessee Titans Have Inquired About Vikings DE Ray Edwards

Jason Babin has been tweeting over the last couple of days that there hasn't been a whole lot of contact from the Tennessee Titans. Yesterday he said that Mike Reinfeldt hadn't called. Today he told Jim Wyatt that the Titans called on a "fact finding mission." I am not surprised to see the Titans slow play this one.

Wyatt mentioned this afternoon that the Titans have inquired about Minnesota Vikings DE Ray Edwards who had 8 sacks last season in 14 games. Edwards is a little bit bigger than Babin (260 to 268) and would probably come a little bit cheaper than Babin. Edwards has been pretty consistent throughout his career. He has 29.5 sacks in 5 seasons.

It seems like Edwards would be a solid addition if the Titans do end up losing Babin. He isn't going to come in and register 18 sacks, but he fits the mold of what the Titans want at defensive end and has been productive.