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Wyatt: Matt Hasselbeck's Deal with the Tennessee Titans 3 Years $21 Million

Jim Wyatt has now tweeted that he has been told Matt Hasselbeck's deal with the Tennessee Titans is for three years and close to $21 million. He said in the last tweet that a big chunk of that money would be in the third year. That is about what I expected.

It makes sense for a lot of the money to be in the third year and not guaranteed because the hope is by that point Jake Locker is ready to take over the reigns and cutting Hasselbeck at that point wouldn't be a huge cap hit.

One thing that needs to be talked with Hasselbeck is he is a leader, and we have talked at length about how the Titans were missing that last season.

Hasselbeck ran the Seattle workouts during the lockout knowing that there was a really good chance he wouldn't be with the team when the season started. There aren't many guys out there that would do that.

It seems that this mentor/tutor relationship is going to go a lot better than the last one the Titans had.