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Tennessee Titans Will Cut Vince Young Thursday; Sun Will Set in the West Tonight

Terry McCormick has broken the news that the Tennessee Titans will cut Vince Young on Thursday, the first day players can officially be cut.  I would like to now break the news that the sky is blue, water is wet and the sun will indeed set in the west tonight. 

The Titans announced they intended to cut VY all the way back in February and that stance hasn't changed.  It didn't change when Jeff Fisher left, it didn't change when Mike Munchak was hired, and it didn't change when Kerry Collins retired.

Sure, they called some teams to see if they could get anything for Vince, but they knew that was a long shot.  No team was going to offer them anything for a guy they knew was going to be cut in a couple of days anyway.

I am glad this will officially be over on Thursday, and I am glad that someone was able to get us this brand new information.