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Glazer: Redskins and Vikings Agree on Trade for Donovan McNabb

Jay Glazer reported last night on Twitter that the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Viking have agreed on a deal that would send Donovan McNabb to the Vikes in exchange for a 6th rounder in the 2012 draft and a 6th rounder in the 2013 draft. The second pick is based on McNabb's performance. The deal is contingent upon McNabb re-working his current contract to get his cap number down.

If Matt Hasselbeck is truly the guy the Tennessee Titans want, this 24 hours could not have played out any better for them. The three biggest team that figured to be in the mix for Hasselbeck besides the Titans, the Seahawks, 49ers and the Vikings, have all agreed to terms with a quarterback. That really only leaves the Cardinals and the Dolphins that are on the market, and I still think Arizona ends up acquiring Kevin Kolb from the Eagles.

The less money they spend on Hasselbeck, the more money they have to give to Chris Johnson who hasn't given any indication on Twitter that he is headed towards Nashville.