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2011 NFL Free Agency: Will the Titans Give Matt Hasselbeck "Huge" Money?

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Apparently Michael Lombardi reported on the NFL Network today that the Tennessee Titans are prepared to offer Matt Hasselbeck a huge contract according to Evan Silva. I am very interested to know what a "huge contract" is because it doesn't make any sense for them to give him a ton of guaranteed money over multiple years because they have made it perfectly clear that Jake Locker is their guy for the future.

I wouldn't be surprised if they offered him huge money in a 1-year deal to get him here. PFT is reporting that several teams, Arizona, San Francisco and Miami are interested in him.  You also have to throw Seattle into the mix because they have a huge hole if he leaves.  

We can slim that list down a little bit though because the Cardinals to be the likely landing spot for Kevin Kolb, the 49ers have said they want to re-sign Alex Smith, and the Dolphins have been rumored to be interested in trading for Kyle Orton.  

So while there could be a little bit of a bidding war for Hasselbeck's services, it is more likely to be between the Titans and one other team than the Titans and multiple other teams.