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The Ten Most Important Tennessee Titans in 2011: #3 LT Michael Roos

There is no doubt that left tackle is one of the most important positions on the football field. For a couple of years Micheal Roos was widely regarded as one of the best left tackles in all of football. He was even named a first team All-Pro back in 2008, but last year was a down year for Roos.

If the Titans are going to be any good at all in 2011, they absolutely have to get a good year from Roos. Whoever ends up playing quarterback in week one of this season is going to be new to the system and is going to count on Roos to give him that little bit of extra time when going through the progressions. It will also help the QB if he isn't worried about someone flying at him from his blind side while dropping back to pass.

The Titans need to upgrade the personnel on the interior of the offensive line, but I don't think that is the case with left tackle. They just need Roos to play up to his potential.