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How Did I Forget About Rod Hood?

I was looking at the list that the NFL sent our of unrestricted free agents for each team, and there is one Roderick Hood on the list. I had completely forgotten Rod Hood was even on the team before I saw that. You might remember Rod Hood being brought in halfway through the 2009 season and starting a few games when Nick Harper got hurt. Hood had 3 interceptions and took MCM by storm.

To the surprise of no one who had followed the Titans for more than five minutes, Jeff Fisher gave Harper his job back when he came back from injury. There was much outrage around these parts.

Unfortunately Hood's 2009 season never got off the ground as he tore his ACL before camp started and was placed on IR.

It is unlikely that Hood will be back with the Titans, or anyone else for that matter in 2010, but I chuckled to myself a little bit when I saw his name on the list.