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2011 NFL Free Agency: Time To Start Talking About Undrafted Free Agents


Consider the final stretch entered. The free agent scramble will begin sooner than we think, and when it does, expect a lot of former college stars who weren't drafted to find new homes. The Titans could really benefit from signing a few of these diamonds in the rough. When you're a team in the middle of a rebuild, exploiting every single aspect of amateur player development and acquisition is key to making it back to the top. This means raiding the UDFA list and striking gold every once in awhile. There are still some fairly highly rated players left on the UDFA list, so the Titans would certainly be wise to get in there early and sign some of the standouts.


As much as I rip Boise State, and that's a whole lot, I can't help but be enamored with Jeron Johnson, the young Bronco safety from Compton, CA. How he went un-drafted is beyond me. He's got fantastic tackling skills and has lead the team in stops three years running. From all accounts, he's a pretty tremendous leader as well. This is a guy that I saw going as early as the third round this year. His speed is what dictates his draft position and he has the potential to run a 40 yard dash in the mid 4.4's, but a slow time caused his stock to slip. I really hope the Titans sign this guy and show everybody else in the league why the 40 is a stupid measuring stick  when used by itself to evaluate draft prospects. I'm not sure he'd see the field early, but he'd make an excellent backup right away. 


[UPDATE]- It looks like Johnson will sign with the Seahwaks.

It's been said that Tennessee needs more "nasty" on the interior line. Why not Connecticut's Zach Hurd? The massive right guard has been one of the most consistently dominant blockers in college football ever since he earned the starting job in 2008. He's a terrific run blocker, he's good enough to hold up in pass protection, and he plays with a mean streak. Hurd can be had for a low, low price, why not go out and groom him with Byron Stingily? This seems like a guy that Munchak and Matthews could do wonders with.