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Announcing the Official MCM Fantasy Football League(s)

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Once again this year we will be doing an Official MCM Fantasy Football League. This year the league will be on Yahoo! which is awesome because it has always been my favorite site for fantasy football. It is also good because I know how to set up a draft in that league already which should avoid the debacle that happened in last year's draft.

I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of people that want to get in on this, and I say the more the merrier. Here is what I need from you- #1 Let me know if you are interested in playing in a league. #2- Let me know if you be interested in being the commissioner of a league.

As a commissioner you would be responsible for setting up a draft and doing a weekly fanpost about your league.

I will leave this thread open for a while and get back with the people who respond (please make sure your email on here is one you check regularly if you say you want in)

Yahoo! Fantasy Football supports SB Nation and pigskin awesomeness. It’s also the #1 Fantasy Football game thanks to dazzling player research, instant stats with free live scoring, iPhone, Android, and iPad apps this season. Plus, new scoring categories for long receptions and rush plays. (Yes!) Sign up at