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MCM Saturday Fantasy Football Question

I am in a 10 team fantasy football league where we get to pick where we draft based on how we finished the year before. I am not exactly sure what determines who gets the first pick, (I should probably figure that out) but last year I picked first where I would draft. I chose the 10th pick. I like that pick because you end up with two really good players.

This year I had the third pick on where to draft. The first guy chose the first pick, and the second guy chose the 10th pick. It was a tough decision for me between 2nd and 9th. For some reason I really like being in one of those spots where you get to pick back to back. I absolutely hate being right in the middle.

Anyway, all of that is just a long and drawn out way of asking all of you where you like to pick in drafts. Let me know in the comments.

Also, we will be doing another Official MCM Fantasy Football league this year. Stay tuned for an announcement next week.