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The Ten Most Important Tennessee Titans in 2011: #6 Jared Cook

Bo Scaife isn't going to be back, and despite your opinion of him, he was our best receiving tight end for a number of years. Jared Cook has supposed to have been the next great thing since his rookie year, but he hasn't really gotten many opportunities due to Jeff Fisher's loyalty to Scaife. Opposing defenses need to see Cook as a threat and take men out of the box to cover him and give Chris Johnson some more space. 

We saw how much trouble the Titans defense had with opposing tight ends. If Jared Cook plays as well as we think he can, he can become the third big playmaker that this team needs, along with CJ and Britt. Along with a decent quarterback, that Titans offense can be exciting. 

Cook seems excited and has the right attitude. "This is a big year for me. I have to get better. It is a year for me to take advantage of what is in front of me. (New coordinator Chris Palmer) is excited about me, and I am excited about me as well. I can be a big playmaker for him."