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2010 Tennessee Titans Film Review: Week 6 vs. Jacksonville 2nd Half

Will Witherspoon had another interception go through his hands early in the second half. If he would have caught half of the INTs he dropped in the first six weeks he might have tricked us into thinking he was actually good in coverage.

Trent Edwards learned that you just simply don't throw to Alterraun Verner's side.

It really is amazing how good the Titans defense was in this game against Maurice Jones-Drew considering he ran all over them just a few short weeks later. The only time MJD got anything going was on the 4th quarter drive when the game was already over.

I still don't understand what the Jaguars were doing in the 4th quarter. They were down 20 and didn't appear to be making any attempt to win the game.

Stop me if you have heard this one before- Chris Johnson is in the game for no reason in the 4th quarter. The Titans got the ball back with about 6 minutes left up 30 points. Give Javon Ringer the rock. He ran well in this game when given chances.