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2010 Tennessee Titans Film Review: Week 6 vs. Jacksonville 1st Half

The first Tennessee Titans touchdown of this game once again proves how much of a stud Kenny Britt is. He catches a pass, sheds one tackler and drags the next guy into the end zone. Please, please get your head right Kenny.

It was a good thing that injury to Vince Young didn't turn out to be any more serious than it ended up being. I had forgotten how nasty it looked when it first happened.

Michael Griffin had a nice pick in this game when a receiver went one way and David Garrard threw the ball the other way.

I know Chris Johnson has received some low marks for his ability to pick up the blitz, but he sure did have a nice blitz pick-up in this game that saved Kerry Collins from getting his head knocked off.

Teams really didn't block Will Witherspoon early in the season when he blitzed. He ran free in this game and put a hit on Garrard that knocked him out of the game.

Damian Williams better start over Justin Gage this year. He played pretty well while Gage was injured last season and has a lot more upside.

The Titans were able to force another turnover in the red zone at the end of the half.