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2010 Tennessee Titans Film Review: Week 5 vs. Dallas 2nd Half

The Cowboys got a 69 yard touchdown pass from Tony Romo to Miles Austin on their third play from scrimmage to open the second half. Ryan Mouton and Michael Griffin ran into each other on the play. To this day I am still not sure why Mouton was in the game.

There was some really bad tackling by the Titans early in the second half, and I still can't believe that I tried to defend this defense as being good after this game. They got a lot of breaks, but Dallas was able to move the ball whenever they wanted.

Another thing that sticks out to me re-watching these games is how well Tony Brown was playing early in the season.

The Cowboys had all of the momentum early in the second half. They opened with a long TD, got a three and out from the Titans, and moved the ball well on their second drive before they missed a 44-yard field goal. That miss might have saved the game for Tennessee.


At one point in the game Romo completed 18 of 20 passes. That streak was broken up by a beautiful interception from Griffin in the end zone. Jeff Fisher had another terrible challenge on the Griff INT saying that he wasn't touched in the end zone. He clearly was.

Chris Johnson's other huge run in this game, 42 yards this time, was once again made possible by a nice cutback.

Alterraun Verner came sooo close to getting the first pick six of his career. His instincts are really, really good.

Marc Mariani had another momentum changing play when he came up with a 79-yard kickoff return after the Cowboys had tied the game at 27.

Will Witherspoon had two picks go through his hands on the second to last drive that could have put the game away before Stephen Tulloch did just that with a pick on the next drive.