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2010 Tennessee Titans Film Review: Week 5 vs. Dallas 1st Half

The first drive of this game was awesome because it looked like the Cowboys didn't think the Titans were allowed to throw the football. Guys were hanging on to Kenny Britt as he ran past them. Of course there was the one play where Britt got interfered with where he could have just caught the ball and ran untouched for a touchdown.

They threw up a stat early in the game that Chris Johnson had accounted for 42.9% of the Titans yards through the first four games.

Jason Jones had a sack where he just split a double team. I cannot wait to see him get after the passer from the outside.

Britt came up big in this game and had one really nice adjustment to make a catch on a ball that was tipped right in front of him.

CJ ripped off a 29-yard run in the second quarter that was all him. He made a nice cutback behind the line and made a guy miss right at the line to get the long run. The blocking ahead of him wasn't very good.

The defensive line was absolutely relentless in the first half. They had five sacks and had Tony Romo running for his life pretty much every time he dropped back, which was good because they got huge chunks of yards anytime he had time to throw.