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Then Ten Most Important Tennessee Titans in 2011: #8 DT Jason Jones

Jason Jones is probably the most underrated player on the Tennessee Titans roster. If you watch this team play week in and week out you appreciate him, but injuries have kept him from becoming a guy that every NFL fan knows about. There has been a lot of talk that the new coaching staff plans on moving him outside to play defensive end. This would be a good move for him because he wouldn't take as much of a pounding as he has been while playing tackle.

Back in 2008 Jason Jones stepped up in a big way in a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Titans were playing without Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch that day, and Jones sacked Ben Roethlisberger 3.5 times and forced 3 fumbles.

The Titans defense is without a superstar, but just like Derrick Morgan, Jones has the ability to be that guy. Tennessee is really going to need him to take a huge step forward if they are going to be formidable on defense in 2011.

Jones was mainly a defensive end in college, and if that is the move Jerry Gray decides to make I think we will see a rejuvenated Jason Jones who can get after the passer but also stand up against the run.