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2010 Tennessee Titans Film Review: Week 4 vs. Denver 1st Half

Let me start by saying this- I am sick and tired of people reacting to how I review Vince Young in these games. He played well at times, and he played poorly at times. His career in Tennessee was done in because he wasn't willing to put in the time it takes to be a good NFL QB. Period. You can believe whatever you want, but that is the truth.

I realized while watching this game that I was writing down every time VY made a good throw, and that is just stupid. Would I be writing down every time Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers made a good throw? No, because it would be more the rule that the exception. That just isn't the case with Vince. Call me whatever you want, but as I said above, that is just the truth.

This game opened with the Titans motioning Chris Johnson from the backfield out wide. What a crazy idea!!111!! That play ended with Justin Gage being unable to catch a ball that hit him right between the numbers.

Jared Cook actually had a catch in the normal offense early in this game. He was lined up out wide with Brian Dawkins over him. That was a mismatch, and what do you know, Cook made a play. It just makes you wonder why they didn't do more of that.

Rob Bironas had a rare miss early in this game.

This was Alterraun Verner's first start, and he played pretty well.  He made a nice play to stop Laurence Maroney on a screen play.

Chris Johnson had a fumble that was upheld on challenge but shouldn't have been.

Tony Brown was blowing stuff up early in this game.  I really wish somehow he could get that knee right.

Chuck Cecil flipped the bird at the refs in this game.  He probably should have flipped the bird at himself for how many times his guys jumped offsides.

At one point the announcers were talking about how well Javon Ringer played in camp.  They said he would probably see more carries as the year went along.  That was funny.

I was shocked when the Titans got the ball back with 23 seconds left they didn't just take a knee, and what do you know, it led to a field goal.