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2011 NFL Free Agency: What About Harvey Dahl for the Titans?

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Yesterday we talked about the Tennessee Titans need to add some "nasty" to the interior of their offensive line. Matt Williamson had mentioned Marshal Yanda as a guy that could bring that to the team. This morning the folks over at Pro Football Focus were talking about what they think the Titans should do in free agency, and they brought up adding Harvey Dahl of the Atlanta Falcons:

How do they upgrade that area [interior offensive line]?

Khaled: They pay possibly the meanest guard in the league a handsome amount. That’s right I’m talking about Harvey Dahl. It may require some retooling, but Dahl would give this line a boost.

I asked Khaled if he thought Dahl was a better fit for the Titans than Yanda, and he said he mentioned Dahl in that post because he thinks it is likely that Yanda will stay with the Ravens even if it means not getting as much money.

I really don't care which one of these guys the Titans add because it seems like either would be a big upgrade. 

I also hope that they move Leroy Harris to center once they add one of those guys, but I fear that neither of these things are going to happen.