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Saturday NFL Fantasy Football Question: Where Should Michael Vick Rank?

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Last season Michael Vick was the biggest fantasy football surprise of the year. I am in a league where we get to keep two players. You keep the players as the draft pick of the round you got them in the year before. If you keep a guy that was undrafted the year before, he is kept as a 10th round pick. So there is a guy that gets to keep the #2 overall player from last season as a 10- not a bad deal for him.

That is an easy decision. The tough decision for this season is going to come for guys that are trying to figure out where to draft Vick. He is easily the best quarterback when healthy because he racks up so many points with his legs in addition to his passing numbers, but health is the big question mark. He has only played in all 16 games once in his 8 NFL seasons.

Of course the flip side to that coin is that even though he only played in 12 games last season he still put up more points than any other quarterback.

I pretty much never take a QB in the first round, but if I have an early second round pick it is going to be tough to pass on Vick. I would take Aaron Rodgers over him, but I think he is the only one.  

My reason for taking Rodgers over him is that Rodgers has the better chance of staying healthy, and if you look at 2011 projections, like this one from Mike Clay over at PFF, Rodgers is projected for nearly as many points.

What say you?