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2010 Tennessee Titans Film Review: Week 3 vs. New York Giants 2nd Half

It struck me while watching this game that Justin Gage always makes the tough catch. He is 100 times more likely to catch the ball while sliding than he is a ball that hits him right in the numbers.

Speaking of Gage, he is a guy that we haven't talked about much, but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets cut before the season starts.

Our boy Alterraun Verner got burnt pretty badly by Mario Manningham, but the play was called back because of a chop block in the end zone that resulted in a safety.

Kenny Britt is a beast. He had a couple of catches in this game, including one for a TD, with a defender hanging all over him. I know I have said this 50 times this offseason, but I really hope he can get his head on straight.

As I mentioned in the post from the first half, the Titans had a lot of breaks that went their way in this game. It is amazing to give up over 400 yards of total offense but only 10 points.

I talked about this after watching the Raiders game, but this staff has to do a better job of limiting Chris Johnson's carries.  The Titans were up by nine points at the beginning of the forth quarter.  I would have given Javon Ringer a series there considering the pounding that CJ had taken in this game.

It is absolutely ridiculous that Johnson was still in there with 5:53 left and the Titans up 22-10.  He ripped off a big run to get over 100 yards for the game, but are his stats really worth the risk of having him in at that point?  Absolutely not.