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2010 Tennessee Titans Film Review: Week 3 vs. New York Giants 1st Half

It sure was good to watch a game that the Tennessee Titans won after that debacle from yesterday. I had forgotten how bad the defense played in this game, but I do remember saying that all of the yards they gave up in this game weren't that big of a deal. They weren't in this particular game, but they sure were an indicator of bad things to come.

This was the game where woes covering opposing tight ends began. Stephen Tulloch was chasing a TE on a drag early in the game, and Kevin Boss was running open down the middle of the field all day long.


Sen'Derrick Marks had an interception in this game.  I bet he doesn't get another one in his entire career.

Looking back it sure was funny to hear the announcers talking about the benching of Vince Young from the week before.  They said that Jeff Fisher and VY never talked about it, and that was a sign of how much Young had matured.  Turned out it was just because the two of them never talked to each other.

There was one play early in the game where Justin Tuck made Jake Scott look really silly.  The play of the interior of the offensive line is even worse than I remembered.  All of Chris Johnson's yards in the first half of this game came on cutbacks.

Eli Manning gave the Titans an absolute gift when he threw a left-handed pick to Jason McCourty in the end zone.

The Titans had a first goal from inside the 2 yard line at one point and it took three tries for CJ to get in the end zone.

I really hope that Mike Munchak cleans up some of the crap that this team did after the whistle under Jeff Fisher.  This game was ridiculous.

Will Witherspoon had another sack on another blitz, and the Titans D had 10 sacks in the first 10 quarters of the season.  It was all downhill from there.

CJ had 17 carries in the first half of this game.  That is entirely too many.