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2011 NFL Free Agency: Mike Sims-Walker A Fit for the Titans?

Let me start off by saying that I doubt the Titans pursue a receiver in free agency, but if they do, is Mike Sims-Walker a guy they should go after? Matt Williamson listed Sims-Walker as a potential target in the post he did for Kuharsky's blog last week, and his case for why the Titans should look at him does make sense:

Fully counting on Britt doesn’t seem too smart right now. But just think of the skill-player talent Tennessee would have with Britt, Sims-Walker, Cook and Johnson out of the backfield. That could make Locker’s transition to the pros much smoother. Of course, Sims-Walker isn’t the easiest guy to count on either, but his talent is obvious and his wide catching radius could be ideal for Locker.

MSW has a ton of talent, but I don't think he is worth the risk. Adding him to a locker room that already has Kenny Britt could be a disaster. He also tends to disappear in games. Last season he registered two catches or less in 6 of the 14 games he played- not exactly the model of consistency.

I am pretty pleased with the Titans receiving core with Britt in the mix, but it is pretty bad if he isn't. They need to add someone to give them a threat when Britt isn't in the lineup, but I don't think it should be Sims-Walker.