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2011 NFL Free Agency: Tim Thinks Matt is a Good Fit for the Titans

Tim Hasselbeck was on NFL Live today talking about how he thinks his brother, Matt Hasselbeck, would be a good fit for the Tennessee Titans. Does that mean anything? Nope, because anyone with a brain and the internet can see that there are a lot of ties currently in Tennessee to Matt Hasselbeck.

Here was exactly what Tim had to say according to Gregg Rosenthall of PFT:

"It’s kind of been assumed that my brother Matthew Hasselbeck would be back in Seattle," Tim Hasselbeck said on NFL Live Monday. "It is a very real possibility and it would be a bold move to see him as a Tennessee Titan. They obviously don’t want to start a rookie quarterback . . . it is a logical fit for him and I think it would surprise a lot of people."

I am not sure why he thinks it would surprise anyone considering everyone has been talking about it for months now.

The more I think about it, the more I hope it is Donovan McNabb and not Hasselbeck that ends up as the veteran QB (assuming they can get McNabb without giving up a pick).