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2010 Tennessee Titans Film Review: Week 2 vs. Pittsburgh 2nd Half

Early in the second half of this game Tony Brown shot the gap and made a really nice play to stop Rashard Mendenhall for a 3 yard loss. It is a shame that TB can't seem to get that knee right because he is a heck of player when healthy.

I knew the offensive lineman weren't going to do anything on the play where Vince Young was slammed on his head, but I still couldn't believe it watching again. Jake Scott makes a small gesture to the ref, but everyone else just turns and walks away.

The one thing that you really notice about Vince watching these games is how careless he is with the football. That is one of many things that is going be the problem of another fanbase as soon as this lockout is over.

Another thing that really stood out in this game was how ridiculous Cortland Finnegan was early in the season. He was in a tiff every time you turned around. He cut that crap out later in the year but didn't play as well. Here's to hoping 2011 will see 2009 form without the extracurricular crap.

Kerry Collins comes in to start the 4th quarter. He did move the ball a little bit but was facing a much softer Pittsburgh defense because of their 16-3 lead. Eugene Amano had a nice ground ball shotgun snap at one point. That was awesome.

The defense held again after another Titans turnover- this time on a Collins fumble. Again, the Titans would have lost this game by 50 if they weren't facing Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch.

A couple of bullet points:

  • It sure would have been nice to see Jared Cook in this game before the 2 minute drill
  • It sure would be nice to see Kenny Britt not be virtually invisible in a game like this
  • The Titans were able to make in interesting with a late score and onside kick recovery
  • Terrible decision by Collins to check down to CJ in the middle of the field with 13 seconds left and no timeouts

That was an ugly football game.