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2011 NFL Free Agency: The Titans Need Some Nasty on the Offensive Line

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The Tennessee Titans offensive line was really good in 2009 but really bad in 2010.  The only player missing from the 2009 version of the line in 2010 was Kevin Mawae.  There is no doubt that Mawae's physical skills had diminished, but he brought a nasty attitude to the line that they desperately missed once he was gone.  Neither his replacement at center, Eugene Amano, nor Amano's replacement at guard, Leroy Harris, appear to have that nasty streak.  Even though Mike Munchak has said he thinks the offensive line can be good as it is currently constructed, I think the Titans should look for some nasty.

One guy that is available that has such a streak is Marshal Yanda of the Baltimore Ravens.  Matt Williamson mentioned Yanda as a possible fit for the Titans on Paul Kuharsky's blog last week.  Here is what he had to say about Yanda and the Titans:

Yanda would be a favorite of head coach Mike Munchak and O-line coach Bruce Matthews. He is tough, smart, versatile and technically sound. And he might just be the best offensive lineman up for free agency. In fact, I bet Yanda would be a favorite of Jake Locker and Johnson, too. A fantastic consolation prize would be Harvey Dahl. Nasty to the core, Dahl would be a great addition at guard for Munchak’s squad.

Pro Football Focus lists Yanda as the 16th best available free agent:

Yanda is the kind of player who could appeal to a lot of teams as a lineman capable of playing tackle and guard extremely well. He is more than just a versatile player and you put him at guard or right tackle, and you’ll be getting one of the league’s best.

We know Munchak prefers guys with that type of versatility.

It sure seems like Yanda would be a huge upgrade over Harris.