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2011 NFL Free Agency: Tentative Schedule For When the Lockout Ends

I got really excited on Saturday because it looked like there was going to be an announcement that the NFL Lockout was ending. Well there wasn't, but it still does appear that the two sides are in the home stretch. Albert Breer of, who has been the best reporter to follow during this lockout because he has stayed even-keeled on what things meant in the negotiations, reports that player representatives from all 32 teams are scheduled to be in DC on Wednesday so they can get the details on the new deal in order to communicate it to their teammates for a vote.

If all goes according to the current plan, and that is still a big if, it looks like the deal would be announced on Thursday.  John McClain said on the radio this morning that teams would then have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to re-sign their own free agents, start contract talks with draft picks and pursue undrafted players and free agency would begin in full on Monday.

We are almost there.