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Q&A with Me


Sorry for the long delay. been busy with a few things, but i am ready to finally answer these questions from you the fans!

Lets begin

Fan: What ya think about Kenny Britt?

Me: I am not too sure what to think. i am upset things keep happening to him. I want things to be ok so he can play this game of football and help this team. He needs to try to avoid trouble though. Hopefully these incidents make him realize that he needs to take more precautions.

Fan: what do you think you need to do to win the AFC South this season? (besides slow Manning down)

Me: We need to be more consistent. Not have a great game here and a terrible game there. We have the tools to make some noise. We need to rally behind our QB Jake Locker and play to our potential.

Fan: So u finally sold ur Explorer? What u driving now?

Me: yes i got a new car. i am driving a 2010 yukon now.

Fan: how does it feel to do something so many people dream about doing someday, and so many others enjoy and look foreword to watching and experiencing?

Me: It feels great. It is a dream come true for me. The ability to play at this level against the caliber of guys i have been able to play against. I feel hard work and determination and the good Lord can go along way to accomplish anything. so i am thankful and blessed to be playing on sundays and suiting up for the Titans.

Fan: Do you think Jake Locker will start week 1?

Me: I think jake will have a great chance of being the starter due to Kerry Collins retiring. We will see!!!!

Fan: What steps can the Titans secondary take to improve this year? Do you think bringing in another safety to play alongside Micahel Griffin would be the way to go?

Me: Well i thought our secondary was pretty strong last year. We got a lot of unjust criticism I felt, but something we didn't bring up too much. But we got to create more turnovers. When we were winning in the beginning we caused fumbles and made interceptions. SO we need to get back to that. Chris Hope is still a very capable player. The team will put the best player there to help us win.

Fan: What you think about the new coaching staff compared to the old?

Me: i can't really say because i have not met the new staff yet due to the lockout. I have heard great things about our coaching staff that is making me very optimistic for playing for them. I can't fairly assess them to the old staff quite yet.

Fan: How has it been working with your old UCLA and now new Titan teammate Akeem Ayers? Have you given him any pointers on defense?

Me: It has been great. i was stoked to have him come to the team. i have talked to him on a few occasions, but our schedules are very different so it has been very difficult. He will be ready to go!

Fan: What can you tell us about your former UCLA teammate Akeem Ayers that we wouldn't already see in stats and film?

Me: Well, that he is a competitor. He doesn't like to lose in anything. He will fight to the bitter end.

Fan: How did you become a Christian?

Me: Great question. I actually grew up going to a Christian school in elementary school. So i had bible classes and stuff like that already. but i didn't feel as convicted tell i was in middle school. my friend Michael Evans took me to his house and showed me Left behind the movie. After seeing that, i never wanted to experience being on earth during that time. So i re-focused my faith and became a growing Christian ad still growing today!

Fan: what.was your favorite math class at ucla? I studied astrophysics so only had to take up to 33B. I know upper div classes get more intense and interesting. have you ever met the other famous ucla math grad, danica mckellar?

Me: my fav math class would be none. lol but seriously, i think it was math 117, which was higher algebra. I actually learned some things in that class that was applicable to life. No i have never met that person

Fan: who's your favorite NFL player?

Me: Older player was Jerry Rice. Current player has to be Chris Johnson/Charles Woodson

Fan: Who do you hang out with the most on the Titans? And Is Chris Johnson a cool dude?

Me: Marc mariani and Robert Johnson. Chris Johnson is super cool. He is so humble and all around good guy!

Fan: From a players perspective, what issues/issues do you care most about regarding the new cba? Split of revenue, rookie wage-scale, benefits for retired players, shorter contracts towards free agnecy or required spending by clubs towards salary cap

Me: I am interested in a fair deal and something to get us playing soon. i think helping the retired players and shorter contracts sound quite interesting. But I don't have a preference, i just want to play.

Fan: Do you and ROJO have a bet on the Utah vs UCLA game this upcoming year?

Me: we probably going to have a little something. we got to represent our schools! lol

Fan: As a Pac-10 guy, what can you tell us about Jake Locker? And how much friendly rivalry is there going to be between you & Akeem vs. Jake?

Me: He is a very gifted athlete. He is very fast and explosive and has a strong arm. He was obviously the leader of the Huskies and everyone respected him. he made things happen for that team and single handedly made them win. There rprobably wont be much of a rivalry between us, we all trying to win!

Fan: What do you have in store for us immediately following your first pick 6?

Me: I will probably be doing some type of dance. But i am not sure yet... i might be so excited hta i just jump around with my teammates.

This concludes the Q&A session. Thank you for your questions and i hoped i answered them well enough for you! Hopefully this CBA goes through and we are in camp very soon! Go titans!!!!