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Could Today Be the Day the NFL Lockout Ends?

There is a lot of noise floating around out there that today is going to be the day that the lockout ends. I have even heard that the ESPN people have been told to be ready at noon because there is a chance an announcement could be made. Chris Mortensen (@mortreport) has been blowing up Twitter saying that the lockout will officially be over this Friday and that free agency will start Monday. So while it isn't a certainty that today is the day that it is all going to end, it does seem like a certainty that everything will be done in time for the season to kickoff as planned.

All of that is just a fancy way of saying stay tuned to MCM today and over the weekend for the latest news on all of this. It seems like we are really close to having some actual football news to talk about here, which will be a nice change of pace from the last six months.