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The Tennessee Titans Will Not Be Picking First Overall in the 2012 NFL Draft

Clark Judge of CBS Sports wrote an article earlier this week highlighting four teams that he thinks are a contender for ending the 2011 NFL season with the worst record. He had the Tennessee Titans on that list. The other three teams were the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals.

This not the first time the Titans have appeared on a list like this. Mel Kiper said the Titans were a candidate for #1 all the way back in April.

You can take this to the bank right now, the Titans will not be drafting #1 overall in the 2012 NFL Draft. I understand all of the issues this team has, and trust me, I understand how bad this lockout has been for the Titans, but there is quite a bit of talent on this roster. Sure some of the talent is stupid, see Britt, Kenny, but it is talent none the less.

Here is what I see happening with this team in 2011- they are going to be pretty bad early on, which stinks because they have two winnable games in the first three weeks (Jacksonville and Denver), but they are going to get better each week.

I don't by any means think this team is going to make a playoff push, but I also don't think we are talking about a 2 win team. I think that 6 is about as much as we should expect, but there are a few guys, top 10 most important Titans for 2011 coming soon, that are swing guys. If they all play well this team could be a middle of the road type NFL team. If half of them play well the Titans win 4-6 games. There is a chance that they could all play poorly, but it is a very small chance and not something I am going to think about.