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BREAKING: The Titans Offensive Line Took a Huge Step Back in 2010

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We are all aware there was a drop off in the play of the Tennessee Titans offensive line from 2009 to 2010, but a post at Pro Football Focus this morning really puts things into perspective. They have the Titans offensive line ranked 29th in the league, and no team fell further than the Titans did.

Here is the blurb from the PFF post:

Run Rank 32nd, Pass Rank 21st, Penalties Rank 29th

No team dropped further, and it probably explains why Chris Johnson’s rushing numbers fell off. The interior was particularly brutal, with a collective run blocking score of -47.8. That’s not good. Worse still, their ‘star’ player Michael Roos continues to get beaten badly in pass protection. No line has gone from great to ghastly so quickly.

Best Player: It’s Michael Roos, but that’s a reflection of the rest of the line.

Biggest Concern: First Roos in 2009, and now David Stewart in 2010? What happened to the Titan tackles that has seen their play slip so much?

Mike Munchak believes that with the right play calls this line can be successful. I really hope he is right because if the line isn't any better in 2011 this team might not win more than four games.