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What Should We Realistically Expect from Chris Johnson in 2011?

Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson is the best running back in the NFL. He is only 1 season removed from putting up the single best season by a running back in the history of the league. Last year was a "down" year for CJ, but how many running backs would give anything to have a "down" year that included 1,364 yards and 8 TDs?

The first thing we should realistically expect is a contract resolution. This is nothing other than a gut feeling, but I think Johnson's people and the Titans have already talked about a contract extension, and that they will have one signed, sealed and delivered before camp starts.

On the field, I expect CJ to have less carries that he did last season (316) but a better yard per carry number and more touchdowns. I think this staff is going to do more things to get the ball to CJ in the passing game and less just hammering him into the line of scrimmage like Mike Heimerdinger did- again just a hunch.

So far in his career CJ has rushed for 1,228 yards in 2008, 2,006 yards in 2009 and 1,364 yards in 2010. I think this year he ends up with a yardage total somewhere between the 1,364 from last year and the 2,006 from 2009 with 12-15 TDs.