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Tennessee Titans Coach Mike Munchak Needs to Send Kenny Britt a Message

I don't understand the people who say, "This is no big deal.  It is just weed.  Everyone does it."  Titans WR Kenny Britt has now been arrested twice SINCE LAST SEASON ENDED.  That doesn't even include the fight he got in at a Nashville night club and the charge of not paying bail.  That also doesn't include how many times he has showed up to camp out of shape, and the fact that he knew he had a sore hamstring during the game against the Chargers last season and didn't do the things he needed to do to keep his leg loose during the game.

This stuff is a distraction off the field, and is going to become a distraction on the field when he isn't able to play. I would actually be more willing to cut Britt a break if it wasn't for the fact that he never shows up in shape. So while he has all the talent in the world, he is never going to realize it, and will be more of a distraction than a help to this team until he gets his head on straight.

I don't think they should trade him or cut him now, but Munch should suspend him for at least four games (that is probably how long it will take him to get in shape once he gets here anyway) before the league even does anything. Tell him this is his last strike, and if he screws up again cut him. I know that isn't the popular opinion, but potential means nothing on the field until he is able to take advantage of it, and he never will until someone sends him a message.

*Should have put this in the post initially- Obviously Munchak can't do anything to Britt until the lockout is over.