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Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt Arrested... Maybe?

Jersey Journal is reporting (via that Kenny Britt was arrested last night in Hoboken, NJ on two counts of resisting arrest. As of now the Hoboken Police Department is not confirming any of the details, or that Britt was even arrested, but Michaelangelo Conte is reporting Jersey Journal has the papers for Britt's new June 16th court date.

Here's the meat of the article, and we'll update this as new information becomes available:

Britt, now of Brentwood, Tenn., was arrested last night at Willow Avenue and 15th Street by Hoboken narcotics officers and charged with two counts of resisting arrest, official said today.

Britt was issued a summons and ordered to appear on the charges at 1 p.m. on June 16 in Central Judicial Processing Court in Jersey City, according to court papers.

The complaint says Britt "did purposely prevent or attempt to prevent a public servant from lawfully performing an official function by means of force or violence, specifically by refusing to open your hand when ordered to do so then pulling your hand away."

It goes on to say Britt is charged with using his body "to push away from the officers" and pulled away his arm "while not allowing the officers to handcuff" him.

One count is a disorderly persons offense but the second is a third-degree crime, which carries a possible sentence of 3 to 5 years in prison upon conviction.

Hoboken police have refused to release any information on the charges against Britt, and would not even confirm he was charged.

(h/t to trevor 2013 for posting the link in the comments)


There's pretty much no way to spin out of this one for Kenny. Even if he didn't do anything wrong and the charges are dropped, it's inexcusable that he gets himself into this situation the day after he pleads guilty to charges that started out as felonies. I've been one of his defenders, but at the moment, this is another sign that Kenny's closer to falling of the edge than turning things around. Once again we have an incident that isn't big on its own, but just adds to the absurd list of dumb decisions Kenny has made over the past 16 months.