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Audio From Tennessee Titans QB Jake Locker

Here is the audio from Jake Locker's interview after yesterday's practice via Jonathan Hutton. The text is after the jump.

How was the workout?


I think that it was very beneficial to us. First and foremost, it was good to get the guys together to spend some time in the offseason. I thought we got some good work in today.

How do you balance getting productive work in and making sure no one gets hurt given the situation?

These guys are all professionals out here and have been doing that their whole careers. You get in the right positions. You aren’t going up for balls that you probably would in a game. You are not trying to create collisions. These guys are all really athletic and that shows when working together in a group like this.

Did it feel good to get the team atmosphere for the first time out there for you?

Yeah. It was great. It was great. Really enjoyable

How did you do throwing the ball?

It felt good. These are new reads, new terminology, but we are keeping it pretty simple and allowing me to think a little bit faster.

Where did you get the script?

We just came up with it from what they had in the offense last year.

Are you coming out here tomorrow?

Yep, I’ll be out here tomorrow.

What kind of feedback are you getting from the guys you are working with?

It’s just like meeting new people- creating relationships with them and getting to know them. Letting them know what you are about, who you are, and spending time around them. That been my goal since I’ve been out here.

How comfortable do you feel not just with the playbook but off the field with these guys in general?

It is a lot of really good guys. A lot of guys that are really easy to spend time with and are just generally nice people. It’s awesome when you come into an organization like that.

How do you feel about the learning curve?

There is always a learning curve. I understood that from the time that last year got over. I knew I would have to learn an new offense wherever it was. I am looking forward to the opportunity and will grasp it as fast as possible.

How do you feel you are grasping it so far?

It’s different when you don’t have coaches and you aren’t out here getting taught the offense. I am sure that process will speed up and get a little more efficient at that point, but doing everything you can at this point.

How was it to throw against defenders?

It was fun. I enjoyed it. The guys do a really good job of understanding what a controlled tempo is- giving you a good look but at the same time giving allow you to throw the ball, get some completions and mesh with your receivers.