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Audio From Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson

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Jonathan Hutton posted some audio from a few Titans' players after practice yesterday.  I am going to do my best to transcribe all of the ones he posted (Jake Locker and Derrick Morgan in addition to this one).  Chris Johnson seems to have a completely different attitude this offseason than last.  His comments were all about getting the team better, and when he was asked about his contract he said he wasn't really worried about that.

Maybe his tune will change when his agent can actually talk to the Titans about a contract, but for now CJ is saying all the right things and says he won't hold out.

Click here for the audio Hutton posted for 104.5.  Click through the jump to read what CJ said.

On his contract
I am really not worried about that right now to be honest. That’s really not on my mind at the time. On my mind is just being in shape, and being ready whenever the lockout is over with.

Why are you here?

Really just to get better, and get this team better as a whole. We haven’t been to the playoffs in two years so we need to get the team better.

How much have you been in Nashville since the season was over?

This is my first time actually as far as working out.

I saw you talk to Jake Locker a couple of times. How interested is he in learning?

He is very interested. I’ve been in this league three years and been in this playbook three years, so him being a new guy, being a rookie, I know more than he knows so just playing running back knowing what the receivers are doing knowing what he has to do. I can help him out a little bit.

What did you prove by being out here?

I really didn’t try to prove a point by being out here. Cortland put together a workout so I came out here to get a good workout.

Would you have been out here if this was a team event?


Is that right? How come the change from last year?

Basically I am just trying to get the team better. We didn’t make the playoffs in 2 years so I am trying to get the team better.