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Cortland Finnegan Isn't That Bad Of A Guy. Discuss...

A great man once said 

come mothers and fathers, throughout the land, and don't criticize what you can't understand

and for the most part, people knew what he was talking about. They understood the need to really understand what a man was really like before they passed judgement on him. But no, we live in an age where this is no longer something that's considered in style. We are a people of knee-jerk reactions who make sure our first impression is our best because that's the only one people remember. I'm guilty of this, I'm sure you are too, but it's something that's entirely too prevalent today.

And you know something? That really grinds my freakin' gears. 

I will absolutely admit in a second that, on the field, Cortland Finnegan is an absolute pest. You don't have to line up across from him to know that. He's all over opposing receivers, he's in their face, he's downright annoying to play against. Yes, to that I will submit. He's like that guy that always prolongs our least favorite class by asking a completely inane question. Or like the guy who removes his shoes in public places. Maybe even that guy who leaves perishable food like milk or fruit out on the counter after you've countlessly told them to please return it to the fridge. Basically, he's the mildly-aggravating, but kind of harmless kind of annoying. Every once in awhile, he'll come up with a bad hit that results from his occasionally overly physical style of play and certainly makes some poor decisions, but wow, can we please have some perspective here folks? Mike Vick actually electrocuted animals and I'm 100% positive that Finnegan is the more hated player. 

If he were a Steeler, he'd be (Chris Berman voice) "PHYSICAL!". If he were a Patriot, he'd (again) "HAVE A CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER!" But he's not, he's a Titan so he's a thug and a garbage human being. Enough is enough, can we please cut the crap? What he does on the field is freakin' game the only way he knows how. Whether or not that's the right way to play is up to the league. He plays his game, he pays his occasional fine, and moves on. 

Despite Finnegan's reputation as goon, he's one of the most if not the most active Titan in the Nashville community. I'm finding it hard to believe that the most demonized man in football is really the terrible person we make him out to be when I see that he's an official spokesperson for the United Way and has won numerous community service awards.

It's often said that a lot can be derived from what members of a player's team think of him, have you ever heard anyone call him out? Ever? Yeah, I can't remember anyone with a bad word to say about our boy Finnegan.Try and recall, if you will, the players who are organizing workouts this year for various NFL teams.Tom Brady, Alex Smith, Joe Flacco, Derrick Mason,...Cortland Finnegan? Really? I thought it was just the good guys that were allowed to do that. Go figure. He's a terrific player, a hell of a leader, and an active guy in the community. Are we really letting what happens on the football field define him as a man? I don't know about you, but I've had it up to here with everyone who does.