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Tennessee Titans' Head Coach Mike Munchak on the Radio

Tennessee Titans' head coach Mike Munchak spent and hour in studio this morning on "The Wakeup Zone" on 104.5 here in Nashville. They asked him about a variety of things including the make-up of the offensive line, Jake Locker, the importance of Michael Griffin to the defense and about how he will structure practices once he is able.

Some bullet points from the interview after the jump.

  • Munchak said he has gotten more excited about Jake Locker since the pick.  He said he isn't surprised that he is already here and taking a leadership role.
  • In regards to Locker, Munch said Locker knew he had a lot of work to do on his footwork, and that has been the main focus of Locker's in his work with Ken O'Brien.
  • Munch thinks the offensive line from last season can be successful.  He said that Eugene Amano player better at center than at guard, and that he is really comfortable with Leroy Harris at guard.
  • They spent some time talking about Michael Griffin.  Munchak said Jerry Gray is excited about the things that Griff can bring to the defense, and they know how important he is to the defense as a whole.
  • Munch said it is important for the position coaches to develop leaders in their room.  He said he would have offensive lineman run meetings some times in order to try and help them step up as leaders.
  • He said there will be more practices in pads and more two a days than there has been in the past.  He said that isn't a punishment, but it is going to be a necessity to get some things installed.  He also said it is important from a technique standpoint.
  • Munch said again that Locker will play from the start if he is ready to play, but they won't put him out there until they think he is ready.