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Breaking News: The Titans Own The Texans, And Their Media Knows It

CBS Houston has a list that's sure to brighten your day: Marc Vandermeer decided to make my day by compiling a list of the 10 Most Painful Texans Losses. Our beloved and vastly superior Titans appear on the list four different times, far more than any other team.

Honestly, I'm surprised they were able to whittle the sheer preponderance of despair and self-hate we've inflicted on those poor bastards to four losses that hurt worse than the others. Case in point: we only beat one team after the Eagles game last year, and that was a 31-17 beat-down of said Texans. Us beating anyone in that tailspin should be so embarrassing to the losing party that they forfeit the rest of the season anyways. Yet, that wasn't painful enough to make this list.

So what conquests of good over douchecanoe did make the list? Follow us through the jump for the list and my comments.

10. Titans 27  Texans 24   2003  Reliant Stadium
In some ways this game was a blip on the radar of Steve McNair's greatest season. McNair was riddled with injuries, yet threw for 268 yards and 2 TDs. The final drive was vintage McNair, who limped down the field with under two minutes left on the clock on the way to hitting Drew Bennett in the end zone for the win. Most folks promptly forgot this game because a few weeks later came perhaps the most satisfying win in Titans history: Titans 20, Baltimore 17 in the wildcard round.


8. Titans  38 Texans 36  2007   Reliant Stadium
Rob effin' Bironas. He was so good that day Direct TV made a commercial pitching Sunday Ticket out of it. 8-8 on FGs. The Titans were up big early, blew the lead, but turned it around just in time to ice the win.
3. Titans 20 Texans 14  Monday Night Football. 2009 Reliant Stadium
VY takes back the starting job, so you'd think this one was a breeze, but it was a botched Kris Brown FG that kept the good guys on top. Honestly, the thing that sticks out the most about this win was the feeling of wanting to break everything in the room when a successful fake punt was negated by a delay of game call with about 5:30 left in the 4th. 

1. Titans 26  Texans 20  OT  2006 Reliant Stadium
For all of the BS that was to follow, this play by VY is easily the second greatest play in Titans history. Even if you watch it enough to get tired of the run itself, it's worth watching another 100 times for the immaculate blocking downfield:

After that list, I honestly can't wait to see what kind of soul crushing plays Jake Locker pulls off against the Texans.