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Tennessee Titans' Wednesday Unofficial Practice Closed to Public

Cortland Finnegan had tweeted yesterday that tomorrow's unofficial Tennessee Titans mini-camp, at which Finnegan says nearly 40 players will be attending, would be open to the public. Turns out he didn't check with Father Ryan High School before putting that out there to see if it was OK. So today he had to say that it would not be open to the public because the school was prepared to handle that, which is completely understandable.

Finny told John Glennon that fans should be mad at him and not the school:

"It’s my fault – I didn’t okay it with them," Finnegan said. "They’re a welcoming school, a lovely school. Forgive me for being so excited to see the fans. I just didn’t okay it with everybody I needed to. So forgive me. I apologize. I’m deeply sorry."

I am just glad they are going to have such a big group in attendance for the session.

Glennon's article also mentions that Baltimore WR Derrick Mason and Seattle WR Golden Tate are expected to be on hand for the workout.