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Keep Your Head On Kenny! We Need You!

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Jake Locker is our new quarterback. Jake Locker has a cannon attached to his right shoulder. Kenny Britt was one of the best deep threats in the game last year. Logic would dictate that having him on the field more often than not would result in maximum wins and some serious lolz as other teams try desperately to stop him from imposing his will upon their defense. 

Pro Football Focus took a deeper look at the deep pass in 2010 and came up with some interesting results. A deep pass is a pass thrown at least 20 yards down field. In their study, they looked at 50 receivers who were targeted at least 15 times on passes thrown at least 20 yards. Among all of them, Kenny Britt had the highest completion percentage with a whopping 56.52%. Now, this may be old news to some, we all kind of knew that Britt was a beast on deep passes, he simply couldn't be stopped at times and really found ways to make some critical catches. The effect he had on the offense was huge.

For example, did you know that in games that Britt started last year, the Titans averaged 24.3 points a game? It's true. It's also true that when he wasn't starting due to injury, they averaged a less-good 12.8 points a game. Yikes. Like, that's really, really, really bad. This was a team that couldn't even score on Houston with Britt out of the lineup. This is also why it's absolutely imperative that Kenny Britt stays healthy and stays out of any suspendable trouble during his extended off season. While his reception and yardage totals weren't terribly impressive in 2010, it's obvious that Britt had an unmeasurable effect on the offense that allowed other receivers like Nate Washington to run much more freely. 

Speaking of Washington, for some reason, he was targeted 32 times on passes of 20 or more yards last year. I knew he was a pretty fast dude, but I don't get that, especially when you consider that not even Andre Johnson was targeted that many times and that it's also only five fewer than the Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald. More importantly, he wasn't even close to cracking the top ten list in receptions, catch percentage, or touchdowns. 

Something I don't understand is that when Britt isn't in the game, Chris Johnson doesn't seem to miss a beat. Perhaps CJ just transcends greatness in more ways than we knew? However, it should be noted that Kenny Britt being on the field is certainly not something that slows down our top player at all either. 

So what do I want to see more of in our 8 game 2011 season? More Britt, less Nate, especially when it comes to going deep. I want his name to be up there in a three-way tie with Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne when people list the top receivers in the division.